“SuperHomework”, “SuperHW” and “app” means the SuperHomework iOS app, the website, and any other service bearing the SuperHomework name.

“You” means the individual using SuperHomework, or the individual’s parent or legal guardian if the individual is under 13 years of age.

“Use” means any interaction within SuperHomework.

“Developer” means Wilson Gramer.

Ownership & Intellectual Property

Unauthorized copying of the source code or proprietary assets of SuperHomework via any medium is strictly prohibited. Some parts of SuperHomework utilize third-party services and frameworks, which are listed in the Acknowledgements section.

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Information you create by using SuperHomework, including but not limited to assignments and attachments, is under your ownership.

Terms of Service

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This document is subject to change at any time without notice. Your continued use of SuperHomework indicates your acceptance to any new or modified terms.

Privacy Policy

The developer does not collect any usage data within SuperHomework, with the following exceptions:

Some information about your usage of SuperHomework may be collected by Apple if data collection is enabled in your device’s privacy settings. For more information, see Apple’s Privacy Policy at

If you use SuperHomework to log in to a third-party account for use with an integration (eg. Google Classroom), the third party may collect usage information subject to their Privacy Policy.


SuperHomework uses the following third-party code: